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Women's Walk for a Cause

Join us on the first Saturday of every month for a walk or hike dedicated to a cause. The purpose is to create action and awareness by taking the walk as a group to inspire and support the fight.

You Matter Gatherings

You Matter Women’s Groups are communities of women who value authentic and empowered connection with themselves and others. At You Matter you get to relax, love yourself as you are, and open to your greatest gifts.

Every month we come together to enjoy community and to engage in a theme focused on personal growth, self-care, and community service. Our mission is to build positive impact in our world, one circle at a time.

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Books and Bevs

Join us for our quarterly book club. Read the inspirational book chosen, then meet on the designated Friday of the month to discuss thoughts and experiences over a cup of tea or your favorite beverage.

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Vinyasa Glow Yoga

Come try some yoga and reap the benefits of glowing from the inside out! This is an all levels, gentle flow class.  It will focus on learning the traditional asanas (postures), breathing, mindfulness and listening to your body! The emphasis will be placed on longer held postures, core strength, flexibility, balance and focus! You will leave feeling relaxed and radiant! 

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Women's Empower Fit

Come join a group of powerful and inspirational women who will help you find your inner warrior.  Learn practical leverage based techniques that are designed to work even against a larger opponent, along with building mental and physical endurance.  Not only will you learn to defend yourself, but you will have a new air of confidence. 


Women's In and Out WOD (Workout of the Day)

This class is for those busy women out there who find it difficult to attend a full hour class.  Show up anytime within the hour and complete a full body workout.  Workouts are done at your own pace, at your own fitness level.  No judgements, just you doing YOU! It is designed to be 20 minutes or less.  You're In, then Out you go!